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  EMF and Melatonin Production.

Read the most recent synopsis with regard to emf and melatonin levels, written by MAUK's Legal Director.

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Stop Smart Meters  

Energy Companies and Smart Meters.

Smart meters work in a similar way to mobile phones, check this site before you decide on a smart meter.


IMAUK 4G The Internet - Broadband

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International EMF Alliance; Seletun Petition.

Follow this link for further information on Biologically-based EMF Public Exposure Standards and the online petition.


European Flag


Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders

To read the full report click here.


Horsey Lightly Solicitors


'Latest Update: Appraisal of Telecoms and Health' including all the latest legal information.

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Ofcom Logo   Mast Action UK Response to Ofcom Consultation - To read the full report click here.

European Environment Agency Latest Statement
The evidence is now strong enough, using the precautionary principle, to justify the following steps:

1. For Governments, the mobile phone industry, and the public to take all reasonable measures to reduce exposures to EMF, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, and particularly the exposures to children and young adults who seem to be most at risk from head tumours. Such measures would include stopping the use of a mobile phone by placing it next to the brain. This can be achieved by the use of texting; hands free sets; and by the use of phones of an improved design which could generate less radiation and make it convenient to use hands free sets.

2. To reconsider the scientific basis for the present EMF exposure standards which have serious limitations such as reliance on the contested thermal effects paradigm; and simplistic assumptions about the complexities of radio frequency exposures.

3. To provide effective labelling and warnings about potential risks for users of mobile phones.

4. To generate the funds needed to finance and organise the urgently needed research into the health effects of phones and associated masts. To read the full report click here.


'Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth' Albert Einstein - scientist

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Notre Dame d'Allencon
  France's Highest Court - the Court of Appeal in Versailles confirms Compensation Awards to local residents against Telecoms Operator.
French Court Judgement
Versailles Court of Appeal Judgement

Warning signal to schools using Wi-Fi in N.Ireland..Belfast Telegraph

Europe's top environmental watchdog is calling for immediate action to reduce exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and their masts. It suggests that delay could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos, smoking and lead in petrol... read the full article from the Independent


Department of Health under pressure to increase precautions over children's mobile phone use

The Department of Health has not updated its advice to consumers for more than four years, while other countries have begun to implement stricter guidance as mobile use has become widespread even among children. - Full Telegraph article

  ‘World Health Organisation Project Research Co-ordinator warns caution on childrens use of mobile phones'
WHO radiation program coordinator Dr Mike Repacholi,said filling the gaps in research was a high priority because of the increasing number of children using mobile phones."Children as young as five are using mobile phones," Dr Repacholi said. "Yet international standards on exposure [to EMR] are the same for children and adults." He said children absorbed more radiation because of their smaller heads and thinner skulls. This could possibly cause behaviour, learning and concentration problems.

1. Russia warns cellular phones affect brain activity - Full Story

2. Australia announce world first research programme on children and mobile phone effects

3. Advice from the UK Health Protection Agency - Read Here


4. Phones marketed for children as young as 4 - Read More...

5. Radiation threat from wireless computers, read the latest report from the Independent

6 Panorama Investigates Wi Fi - Full Story